Other Waste

Electronic Waste

For disposal of electronic waste contact UCSF Supply Chain Management - Logistics at (415) 502-6245.

The Campus Life Services Recycling and Waste Reduction Program also schedules free bulky item and electronic waste take back days throughout the year, and maintains several small electronic drop-off locations throughout UCSF. 


Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Fluorescent light tubes and bulbs, high intensity discharge (HID), metal halide, sodium and neon bulbs contain mercury vapor that may be released to the environment when they are broken. Because thy contain mercury, these bulbs must be recycled and not discarded into the regular trash. 

At UCSF, Facilities Services recycles used fluorescent bulbs used to light UCSF buildings. Other types of fluorescent bulbs can be disposed and recycled through EH&S. To dispose of this type  of waste, create a universal waste label using WASTe