Battery Disposal

Batteries are a type of hazardous waste called universal waste. Toxic heavy metals and corrosive properties of batteris make them unsuitable for disposal in the municipal trash because they can contaminate surface and ground water. Therefore, at UCSF, batteries must be disposed of through EH&S to ensure proper disposal. 


How to Dispose of Batteries

Login to your WASTe account through MyAccess and create a universal waste label. Store the batteries in a ziplock bag or leak proof hard sided container until they can be picked up by EH&S. To schedule pickup designate the batteries as "Ready for Disposal" in WASTe. Used batteries are allowed to be stored in the laboratory for a maximum of 180 days. If you do not request pick-up, EH&S will automatically schedule pickup from your laboraotry once 180 days in accumulation is reached. 

Alternatively, batteries can be dropped off at either of the following locations: