Chemical Waste

Hazardous chemicals have the potential to cause great harm to people and the environment if disposed of improperly and have strict regulatory requirements for management and disposal. At UCSF all hazardous chemical waste must be disposed of through EH&S. To protect people and the environment and to comply with regulatory requirements, generators of hazardous waste must follow strict EH&S labeling and storage requirements.

Only non-hazardous chemicals approved for drain disposal by EH&S may be disposed of down the drain. All other chemical waste should be managed and disposed of as a hazardous waste. Click button below for more details.


Sewer Disposal: What can go down the drain?


If you have an unknown chemical or can't answer a question in the steps below, contact EH&S at (415) 476-1300.

To determine if your waste is hazardous or extremely hazardous follow these guidelines:



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