Food Safety

The Food Safety program is designed to protect the health of the general public who visit our facilities at UCSF. We are responsible for conducting thorough food safety assessments, approving temporary food events, investigating foodborne illness complaints, providing food safety training, and conducting plan reviews for new construction or renovations on campus.

Temporary Food Event Application

Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs) and other organizations must submit a Temporary Event Application before providing potentially hazardous foods (PHFs) at an event open to the general PUBLIC (or campus community). A permit is not required for a PRIVATE event attended only by group members or invited guests (i.e. closed event/by invitation only, office potluck, office meeting).


All (RCOs) must request approval to hold any type of fund raiser on campus, including a bake sale. To request approval to hold a bake sale as well as to serve food at a public event, a student organization must submit an event request in the Group Portal.


If you are not an RCO you must complete a temporary event application


If you are uncertain as to whether your event is public or private, please contact [email protected].

Food Facility Inspection Reports

We inspect all UCSF owned facilities on campus which include Moffit Cafeteria, Moffitt Express, Mt. Zion and Daily Grind, Shorenstein Cafe, Bayview Cafe, Equator Coffee, and Double Shot Coffee. 

Access the latest food facility inspection reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for temporary food event?

If you are a Registered Campus Organization (RCO) you must request approval for your event through Group Portal.

I am not an RCO but want to host an event on campus where food will be served. What should I do?

If your event is open to the public, you must fill out a temporary event application.

What is considered potentially hazardous food (PHF)?

Potentially hazardous foods are those that are perishable or any food that needs time and temperature control. Includes but not limited to: milk and dairy products, cooked/processed foods containing eggs, meat (beef, pork and lamb), poultry, fish and shellfish, baked potatoes, heat-treated plant foods (rice, beans, pasta and vegetables), tofu and other soy proteins, sprouts and sprout seeds, sliced melons and cut tomatoes.

What is considered a public event?

An event is considered public if it is a large, well-publicized event open to the entire campus and/or the general community.

My RCO wants to conduct a bake sale. Are there any food safety guidelines I need to follow?

Review the bake sale guidelines.


California Retail Food Code

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FDA Order Pertaining to Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHOs)

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