Shipping Hazardous Materials

The shipment and transport of dangerous goods is governed by the Department of Transportation, the International Air Transport Association for shipments via air. Improper shipment and transport of dangerous goods can result in serious injuries to the public and large fines from the Department of Transportation. Dangerous goods include, but are not limited to, materials that are flammable, combustible, corrosive, reactive, oxidizing, toxic, radioactive, infectious, asphyxiating, elevated in temperature, or compressed, including aerosol cans.

Any UCSF employee who prepares packages containing dangerous goods for shipment or performs any pre-transport function relate to shipping dangerous goods must receive training every 2 years.  This includes anyone who:

         • Selects packaging for a shipment
         • Determines hazard class
         • Fills packages
         • Marks and labels packages
         • Prepares shipping papers
         • Provides emergency response information

Shipping Hazardous Chemicals

For assistance with shipments containing hazardous chemicals, gas cylinders, and lithium batteries, please email: [email protected]

Shipping Biological Material and Dry Ice

Anyone who prepares a package of biological material for shipping, with or without dry ice, must complete the EH&S online course Safe Shipping of Biohazards and Dry Ice every two years to obtain a certificate of training.

For more information refer to the Shipping, Import and Export of Biological Materials webpage.  Contact the Biosafety Office for additional questions.

Shipping Radioactive Materials

UCSF employees are not permitted to ship radioactive materials unless they have received training from Radiation Safety.  For more information, contact Radiation Safety.

Additional Resources

For help identifying if your shipment contains hazardous materials regulated by DOT and IATA, please refer to the FedEx guidance document below:

Fedex Guide to Identifying Dangerous Goods Regulated by DOT and IATA

EHS Categories

Hazardous Waste