Construction, Design & Equipment Requirements

Construction Design & Renovation Projects

It is never too early to involve the ergonomist in your new plan and projects. Ergonomics (or human factors) is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system. The UCSF Ergonomics & Human Factors Program uses a human-centered approach to make UCSF environments, products, systems, and workflows meet the needs of all people at UCSF.

During the plan review process, we meet with stakeholders early in the project to gain a clear understanding of the users, work tasks, equipment, and workflows required for each type of space. We review permanent and temporary fixtures, adjacencies, workflows, and environmental factors such as sound and lighting. We apply principles, standards, and research related to ergonomics/human factors as well as overlapping Universal Design and accessibility principles. While our work is affiliated with ADA, we do not review or confirm ADA compliance.

Contact the principal ergonomist for design consultations, ergonomics design requirements, and any related questions at [email protected].

Equipment Requirements

These requirements apply to workstations where computer work is performed at UCSF:

Use these requirements for these types of workstations and projects:

  • New employee workstations
  • Updates and retrofits to existing employee workstations
  • Hybrid and shared workstations
  • Department moves and redesigns
  • New design projects
  • New furniture and chair purchases

Additional Requirements

Contact [email protected] with questions