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Rebate Programs

Update: Due to COVID-19, these rebate programs are currently on hold.

When funds are available, we offer two rebate programs: One for approved desks and chairs and one for accessories. Up to $100 is available for eligible chairs and desks. Up to $50 is available for approved accessories.

This rebate program is designed to help departments offset costs of select equipment for individual UCSF Campus employees at their computer workstations. The rebate program is for department-funded equipment purchases, for equipment that is used on UCSF property. Equipment used for teleworking and for use at non-UCSF properties is not eligible for these programs. For eligible equipment, refer to the approved equipment lists.

Review program terms and conditions prior to applying.

Rebate Program for Desks and Chairs

Desks and Chairs – Terms and Conditions

Desks and Chairs – Application (not available at this time)

Rebate Program for Accessories

Accessories – Terms and Conditions

Accessories – Application (not available at this time)

Pipette Promotions

Pipette Promotions, including trade-in offers, may be available from pipette manufacturers and distributors.





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