Use Authorization Permits

The UCSF campus is registered with the DEA for all research activities involving Schedule II through V Controlled Substances including precursor chemicals. To work with Controlled Substances, you must have a Controlled Substances Authorization (CSA) approved by the UCSF, EH&S Controlled Substances Program.

The process of obtaining a Controlled Substances Authorization (CSA) can be found in the Controlled Substances safety manual and on this website.  Applications are provided under resources

Completed applications and all required forms should be submitted to your Department Safety Advisor.

Schedule I substances require direct registration with the DEA. After your research has been approved for Schedule I substances, you must notify Department Safety Advisor. 

If your research involves one of the following Controlled Substances, you must also obtain approval from the Research Advisory Panel of California (RAPC) for research involving:

  • Any research, human or non-human, of Schedule I Controlled Substances
  • Academic human research of Schedule I or Schedule II Controlled Substances
  • Clinical drug trial protocols evaluating or comparing any Schedule II Controlled Substances
  • Research for the treatment of drug addiction or abuse utilizing any drug, scheduled or not

Note:  Do not apply to the RAPC if you will be using Schedule II (in non-human research) III, IV or V Controlled Substances.

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