Environmental Protection Program

Environmental Programs strives to promote environmental stewardship, ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate environmental liability. We believe that active protection of the environment directly contributes to a happier, healthier community, while reducing financial risk to the university. Environmental Programs works to reduce UCSF’s environmental impact by:

  • Minimizing waste and pollution
  • Establishing and reporting on key environmental performance indicators, and
  • Raising environmental awareness among our staff, faculty and student body.

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Contact Us:

For environmental consultations, construction projects, permitting (application and maintenance), regulatory analysis, inspections (internal and regulatory) contact EH&S at either of the following phone numbers:

Main EH&S Office: 415-476-1300

Natalie Mendezona, Environmental Program Manager: 415-502-2789

Andrew Yu, Environmental Compliance Specialist: 415-476-2160