Environmental Programs

Environmental Programs strives to promote environmental stewardship, ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate environmental liability. We believe that active protection of the environment directly contributes to a happier, healthier community, while reducing financial risk to the university. Environmental Programs works to reduce UCSF’s environmental impact by:

  • Minimizing waste and pollution
  • Establishing and reporting on key environmental performance indicators, and
  • Raising environmental awareness among our staff, faculty and student body.





Stationary Combustion Storm Water Management Soil Export
Mobile Sources Underground Storage Tanks Soil Import
Refrigerants Above ground Storage Tanks Clean Soil
Toxic Air Contaminants Industrial Waste Water Contaminated Soil
Sulfur Hexaflouride (SF6) Drinking Water Quality  
Greenhouse Gases (GHG)    
Regional Air Quality    


Environmental Services

For environmental consultations, construction projects, permitting (application and maintenance), regulatory analysis, inspections (internal and regulatory) contact EH&S at either of the following phone numbers:

Main Office: 415-476-1300

Natalie Mendezona, Environmental Specialist: 415-502-2789

Travis Clark, Environmental Program Manager: 415-476-5506

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