PPE Fitting Appointments

Environment, Health, and Safety (EH&S) is offering PPE fitting appointments at the Parnassus and Mission Bay Campus.

Appointments are required and take about 15-20 minutes.


Prior to scheduling an appointment for PPE fitting, please follow the steps:


  1. Be added to your lab’s roster through the Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT)
  2. Schedule an appointment: Parnassus Campus       Mission Bay Campus


What to bring to your appointment:

  1. The printed voucher from LHAT. This will help us determine what PPE you need to be fitted with.
  2. A Photo ID
  3. If you wear prescription glasses, please bring them with you so you can try on protective eyewear over them.


For more information about the PPE program, go to this link: http://www.ehs.ucsf.edu/personal-protective equipment


UCSF Mission Bay Campus

Helen Diller Cancer Research Building

1450 3rd Street

Room: 125

Directions: Enter through the loading dock of Helen Diller on Nelson Rising Lane (Map) and follow the PPE fitting signs. The fitting room is on your left.

*Appointment required, click here to schedule. 

UCSF Parnassus Campus

Monday 2/12: 3:30pm-5pm 

  • Medical Sciences S-172


Tuesday 2/13: 9am-12pm

  • Medical Sciences S-174


Mondays 3/5 - 5/28: 9am-11:30 am

  • Medical Sciences S-172


*Appointment required, click here to schedule.