Biological Waste Contact Information:

  • Parnassus: (415) 476-0546 or (415) 476-1771
  • Mount Zion: (415) 502-1129
  • Mission Bay and Satellites: (415) 514-4107
  • ​Medical Center: (415) 353-1283

Disposal of Medical Waste is subject to strict State requirements. UCSF-HMM Program has the oversight responsibility for implementation of the program, contract oversight, accident investigation, preparation of permit applications, preparation and maintenance of the Medical Waste Plan.


Medical Waste Program

UCSF produces medical waste (MW) from research laboratory operations and from clinical and patient care activities. The generation, collection, packaging, and subsequent disposal of such waste must be consistent with the Campus, State, and local requirements.

EH&S oversees the medical waste program including compliance, record keeping, permits and registrations. EH&S is also responsible for arranging Medical Waste Collection for New Site(s) and updating the UCSF Medical Waste Management Plan. The Medical Center’s Environmental Services and Facilities Management’s Building Services are responsible for collecting all NE at the Medical Centers and Campus research laboratories.

MW types, packaging, collection, removal and disposal are discussed in detail in the UCSF Medical Waste Management Plan. MW packaging and disposal information can be obtained by accessing the Research and Patient Care Packaging and Disposal Information.

UCSF is permitted to treat MW on-site and steam sterilization is the acceptable method of treatment. Generators opting to treat MW must have an Autoclave Quality Control Program to comply with the California Medical Waste Management Act. Autoclaved medical waste are either disposed of as regular trash or further treated by: