The Chemical and Environmental Safety Committee meets on the third Wednesday of every other month from 9:00-11:00 am. Please refer to the meeting schedule for exact dates and locations. 


Duties and Responsibilities of the Chemical and Environmental Safety Committee are as follows:

  1. Provide expert advice to the Chancellor on issues related to chemical and environmental safety, and implementation of the UCSF Integrated Safety and Environmental Management System (ISEMS);
  2. Review technical, environmental and safety-related aspects of laboratory research and the use of hazardous and toxic substances;
  3. Continuously review and update UCSF's ISEMS and the laboratory safety manual;
  4. Certify that facilities, procedures and practices have been reviewed and approved;
  5. Promulgate a chemical and environmental safety program in conjunction with EH&S that encourages best laboratory practices and satisfies federal, state and local laws and regulations;
  6. Arbitrate campus disagreements regarding laboratory practices and limit or revoke, as authorized by the Chancellor, and investigator's authority to use hazardous or toxic materials if such use presents a hazard to individuals or violates health and safety codes.