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Postings & Labels:

Fire Extinguisher Service & Inspection Tag

Purpose: Used for documenting annual service/maintenance and monthly inspections
of portable fire extinguishers. Service vendor attaches tag after service/maintenance
with month, day & year of service punched on the tag (good for one year).
Monthly inspections are performed by FM employees and written on the spaces provided. 

Tag Fire Extinguisher Inspection copy

Fire Extinguisher Type

Purpose: Used to identify type of fire extinguisher, including multi-purpose (ABC),
D-type (flammable metals), B-C only, etc. Labels will usually include letter-type
designations and pictograms.

Fire Exinguisher Type

Fire Extinguisher Location Sign/Label

Purpose: Used to identify location and increase visibility of portable fire extinguisher.
Different types/sizes shown are samplesl actual appearance will vary.