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Phase Status

Due to the size and complexity of the UCSF enterprise, the project will be executed in phases. Sampling phases are prioritized on the presence of sensitive receptors (children, patients) and age of the building (older buildings first). The current schedule is as follows:

  • Pilot A: Parnassus Campus (select locations) - COMPLETED
  • Pilot B: Vacant Aldea Housing Units - COMPLETED
  • Pilot C: UCSF Medical Center (select locations) - COMPLETED
  • Phase 1: Child Care Facilities – COMPLETED
  • Phase 2: Parnassus Avenue Housing - COMPLETED
  • Phase 3: UCSF Medical Center at Mount Zion – COMPLETED
  • Phase 4: UCSF Medical Center at Parnassus – COMPLETED
  • Phase 5: UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay - COMPLETED
  • Phase 6: Public Water Filling Stations and Water Fountains (all campus locations) - COMPLETED
  • Phase 7: Parnassus Campus – IN PROGRESS
    • Health Sciences West – COMPLETED
    • Health Sciences East – COMPLETED
    • Millberry Union – COMPLETED
    • School of Nursing – IN PROGRESS
    • Dental Clinics – IN PROGRESS
  • Phase 8: Laurel Heights Campus
  • Phase 9: Mission Center Building
  • Phase 10: UCSF-owned satellite buildings
  • Phase 11: Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital campus buildings
  • Phase 12: Mount Zion Campus
  • Phase 13: Mission Bay Campus
  • Phase 14: UCSF leased facilities

* For the purposes of this initiative, Laurel Heights is being treated as a campus-owned property.

Phase Summary

See summaries of each testing phase below, with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission reports.

Pilot Test A on Parnassus Campus

Phase Start: June 29, 2016 - Results 1 | Results 2 | Results 3

Representative fixtures were tested in Health Sciences West (HSW), Health Sciences East (HSE), and Medical Sciences Building (MSB). Some water fountains in HSE were identified to be above the Action Level. At the request of the Mitigation Team, follow up sampling was broadened to include all of HSE and HSW, which explains the increase in samples >20ppb. Some mitigations have been completed, others are still under way. Affected user groups have been contacted directly. Some kitchen sinks have been returned to service for non-drinking water use, such as washing hands, dishes and general cleaning.

Pilot Test B at Vacant Aldea Housing Units

Phase Start: July 2, 2016 - Results 1 | Results 2 | Results 3 | Results 4

Representative samples from each building in the Aldea housing complex were taken. One faucet was replaced and retested. All fixtures sampled to date in the Aldea housing complex are currently under the Action Level.

Pilot Test C on UCSF Medical Center

Phase Start: Sept. 22, 2016

Representative fixtures were tested at Parnassus, Mt Zion, and Mission Bay locations.

Medical Center at Parnassus - Some fixtures in Long Hospital were identified above the Action Level. These locations are under investigation and will be incorporated into mitigation planning in Phase 4.

Medical Center at Mount Zion - 9 locations were identified over the Action Level: 5 water fountains and 4 pantry sinks. Four water fountains have been retrofitted with filtration systems (as described on the Mitigation page), resampled and cleared. One pantry sink was resampled and cleared. The three remaining pantry sinks have been returned to service for uses other than drinking and food preparation. Pantry sinks are not designated Water Ingestion Points, per the Medical Center mitigation strategy, and further mitigation will not be pursued at these locations. One water fountain at 1701 Divisadero is still outstanding and being investigated.

Medical Center at Mission Bay - Representative fixtures were tested at Mission Bay Medical Center on Oct. 14. All results are well below the detection limit (<1 ppb) and further sampling plans (Phase 5) were suspended at the direction of the Leadership Group.

Phase 1: Child Care Facilities

Phase Start: Aug. 27, 2016 - Mission Bay | Lucia | Laurel Heights | Kirkham

All fixtures providing drinking water in UCSF child care facilities were tested. We are pleased to report that all fixtures providing drinking water to children in the Mission Bay, Kirkham Street, Parnassus campus and Laurel Heights facilities tested below the EPA action level. Water testing for lead conducted at Lucia child care facility on the Parnassus campus did find one water fountain and one break room sink serving adults that tested above the action level. These locations were mitigated in conjunction with building plumbing system improvements that occurred in September 2017. In the most recent round of sampling, every water ingestion point at the Lucia child care center has been confirmed below the detection limit for lead (<1 ppb).

Phase 2: Parnassus Housing

Phase Start: Aug. 23, 2016 - Results

All Parnassus Avenue housing units were sampled, except for 145 Irving, due to the building's relatively new construction (2008). All Avenue housing units sampled to date are below the Action Level. One fixture at Aldea was identified above the Action Level and is currently being mitigated.

Phase 3: Medical Center at Mount Zion

Phase Start: Dec. 8, 2016

All designated Water Ingestion Points (WIPs) were sampled at all Medical Center buildings at the Mt Zion campus. All samples collected in Phase 3 are below the Action Level. The Hellman building was not included in this sampling evolution, as it is currently being emptied in preparation for decommissioning.

Phase 4: Medical Center at Parnassus

Phase Start: February 2017

All designated Water Ingestion Points are to be sampled at all Medical Center buildings on the Parnassus Campus.

Phase 5: Medical Center at Mission Bay

Phase Start: Deferred

As part of Pilot C, 30 locations were sampled at the Medical Center at Mission Bay (Children’s Hospital, Gateway Medical Building, Adult Hospital, and Energy Center). Results from all samples collected at the Medical Center at Mission Bay were below the detection limit for lead (<1 ppb). For this reason, the Leadership Group and the Medical Center have suspended further sampling at the Mission Bay Medical Center within the scope of this project. As a precautionary measure, lead has been added to the routine water sampling that already occurs at all Medical Center locations.

Phase 6: Public Water Filling Stations and Water Foundtains (all campus locations)

Phase Start: October 19, 2017

Public water filling stations and water fountains were sampled at every UCSF campus ahead of sampling research and administrative buildings. The potential for sensitive populations to frequent these public locations was the driving factor for this decision. Although many public water fountains were captured in Pilots A through C, 40 additional locations were sampled.

Phase 7: Parnassus Campus

Phase Start: December 19, 2017

Although a significant amount of sampling was performed in Health Sciences East and West during Pilot A, sampling at the Parnassus Campus research and administrative buildings began officially in December 2017. Millberry Union was identified as the first building to be sampled due to the increased public presence and significant number of restaurants in the building. The project expects to sample the balance of the Parnassus Campus throughout 2018.