Radiation Safety Resources

Radiation Use Authorizations in UC Radiation


During 2023, UCSF will be migrating RUAs (Radiation Use Authorizations) from UCSF’s RIO (Research Information Online) application to the UC Safety RSS (Risk and Safety Solutions) Radiation application, or UC Radiation for short.  UC Radiation is integrated with other RSS applications currently in use, such as Inspect, UC Chemicals, WASTe, etc. 

These applications can be accessed via MyAccess, or via the links below:

UC Safety homepage for the RSS Platform

UC Radiation application

Those with existing RUAs in RIO can find their basic RUA information copied into UC Radiation. Feel free to explore UC Radiation, review your RUA and submit any corrections within the application. We will have town halls later in the spring to review UC Radiation with the campus community, to review questions or concerns arising during the transition, and to demonstrate how radioactive material inventory is managed within the application.  EH&S will then assist labs in migrating their radioactive material inventory into UC Radiation, and in determining a “go live” date.  The “go live” date will be when the RUAs in RIO are discontinued and the RUAs in UC Radiation become officially active. 

Please note- RIO will continue to be used for animal/IACUC protocols, Biological Use Authorizations (BUAs), and Controlled Substances Authorizations (CSAs).  EH&S is here for you through this transition, so please feel free to contact your DSA or [email protected] with any questions.

For assistance in using the UC Radiation application, reference the following tutorials:

               UC Radiation Researcher/User Tutorial document

               UC Radiation Admin Tutorial for DSAs document