24/7 Emergency Phone Number for Hazardous Material Shipments

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The University of California has contracted with CHEMTREC to provide 24/7 Emergency Response Service for all hazardous material shipments (Biological Substances - Category A, Chemicals and Radioisotopes). Effective immediately, please discontinue use of INFORTRAC’s phone number.

When completing a shipping document, please ensure that the shipper is indicated as “University of California” and not “University of California, San Francisco.” The emergency telephone number should be “CHEMTREC 1-800-424-9300, Customer Number: ccn23320”. Please refer to the attached Shipper’s Declaration of Dangerous Goods as an example of shipper information and emergency response contact filled out properly.

Notify CHEMTREC directly for international shipments.  Calls from outside the U.S. may be made collect to (703) 527-3887.

Use only the CHEMTREC 24/7 Emergency Phone Number if a biological shipment will be Category A, which requires a Shipper’s Declaration. 

Example of materials not requiring a Shipper’s Declaration nor an emergency response phone number include:

  • Biological substance, Category B
  • Exempt human/animal specimen
  • Genetically modified organisms (GMO or GMMO)

Lab personnel must contact EH&S at (415) 476-1300 before shipping Chemicals and Radioisotopes.

Remember to complete EH&S Safe Shipping training (required every two years) prior to shipping biological materials in compliance with Federal regulations.  Contact EH&S at (415) 514-2824 for more information.

Purchasing Packing Materials for Biological Material Shipments

Packing materials for biological material shipments are now available from the UCSF Cell Culture Facility (CCF). Two types are currently available:

Therapak 95kPa Transport Bags for UN3373 Biological Substance Transport:  Therapak's two-pocket specimen bags are ideal to use as a secondary watertight receptacle in accordance with DOT and IATA regulations for shipping Category A & B Biological Substances and Exempt human/animal specimens. This bag must be placed inside an approved shipping box.

Therapak Refrigerated Biological Substance Category B Shipping Systems:  All systems include a transport box with UN3373 Biological Substance, biohazard and orientation arrow labels; EPS foam cooler, gel refrigerant pack(s), 95kPa bags or canisters, a variety of inner packaging choices (depending on the type and quantity of specimens being transported), absorbent material, list of contents card, cushioning material, and packing instructions.

You may find both products by accessing the CCF Product Catalog at http://www.ccf.ucsf.edu/Ctlg&Ordr/SQLQry.asp?REF=Search and performing a product search using the name, “Therapak.”

Similar products may be stocked in the future, depending on demand. For suggestions, please contact the Director of CCF (Adina.Bailey@ucsf.edu).

(Example of Shipping Declaration Form)   Example of Shipper's Declaration Button

Update Posted: 07/04/2015

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