The Needlestick and Exposure Hotline Number has Changed

For bloodborne pathogen exposures and other research related exposures at all UCSF locations now call (415) 353-7842 (353-STIC).

Call the Needlestick & Exposure Hotlines if you have been:

• Injured by a needlestick, cut or abrasion involving any sharp

• Exposed to blood, body fluid or unfixed body substances

• Bitten or scratched by a research animal that may harbor an infectious agent

• Exposed to a potentially infectious research material, whether replication competent or incompetent

• Exposed to MPTP, MPP+, and some highly toxic agents or anti-neoplastic drugs

Please also remember, at SFGH and VA Medical Centers, call (415) 469-4411 for blood borne pathogen exposures