New Safety Policies

Chemical Safety Policy

The new UCSF Chemical Safety Policy was recently approved following stakeholder input. This policy establishes requirements and responsibilities for the safe use of hazardous chemicals in UCSF laboratories and other facilities. It is based on federal, state, and local regulations, as well as UCSF’s commitment to providing a safe environment for the entire UCSF community. The policy covers training requirements, hazard communication, standard operating procedures, safe storage, engineering controls, hazardous waste, security, shipping and transportation, lab close-outs, enforcement, and other aspects of safe and compliant chemical management.  This policy is found on the UCSF Policies website (link here).

Workplace Safety and Environmental Protection Policy

A related policy on Workplace Safety and Environmental Protection was also recently finalized and issued. This more broadly-applicable policy addresses various responsibilities for ensuring a safe and compliant workplace, including reporting hazards, inspecting workplaces, and interfacing with regulatory agencies.  This policy is also found on the UCSF Policies website (link here).