COVID-19 Prevention Training: Available in UC Learning Center

COVID-19 prevention training (elearning and summary document) is now available in the UC Learning Center.

Environment, Health, and Safety (EH&S) has released an update to the COVID-19 Prevention training. This latest revision meets requirements of Cal/OSHA 8 CCR 3205 and University of California policy. This course must be completed by all employees.


If you have not completed prior versions of this training or if you are a new employee, complete the elearning version of the COVID-19 Prevention training. This version has already been assigned to you in the UC Learning Center (UCLC) and can be located in your Required Training tab. You can also search for the training by typing “COVID-19 Prevention” in the search bar.


If you have completed a previous version of COVID-19 Prevention, you can review new changes by accessing the COVID-19 (Summary Document) in the UCLC.


Take a moment to complete this required training and review the new changes designed to protect you.