Mousing Posture and Technique

Recommended Posture and Technique:

  • Keep your elbows at your side
  • Keep wrist straight
  • Avoid contact at the wrist
  • Rest the palm of the hand on the mouse
  • Move with shoulder and elbow movement
  • Hold the mouse lightly
  • Click with the pulp of the finger rather than the tip
  • Minimize mouse use by implementing keyboard shortcuts
  • Alternate mousing hands to share workload. Change mouse settings to accomodate left hand mousing.

Recommended Resting Positions:

  • Rest the non-mousing hand
  • Rest the mousing hand between clicks and/or mouse manipulation when you stop to read or think.

Risky Posture and Technique:

  • Reaching to the mouse (elbow away from body side)
  • Planting the wrist down
  • Pivoting at the wrist (wrist deviation side to side and bent back)
  • Pinching the mouse
  • Excessive wrist and finger motion to manipulate the mouse