LAB HAZARD ASSESSMENT is the new and enhanced version of LHAT, an online safety solution intended to identify and communicate hazards present in a lab or research area to prevent workplace illness and injuries. It offers the ability to easily maintain lab hazard assessments, determine personal protective equipment (PPE) needs and maintains training records required to help ensure that lab members are properly protected.

Principal Investigator (PI) and/or lab contact (delegate) can:

  • Identify/assign members to a lab group
  • Determine hazards that are present in the lab through a set of guided questions
  • Easily communicate laboratory hazards to lab roster
  • Identify the proper PPE to be used based on the hazard assessment results
  • Recertify assessments when changes are needed

Lab members can:

  • View potential hazards present in the lab through the assessment
  • Receive a list of proper PPE to be used in your lab setting
  • Receive training and demonstrate understanding of the training on the selected PPE for your lab


Download Quick Reference Guide: 'How to Create a Lab Hazard Assessment'

You can view and register for LHAT trainings through this link to UC Risk & Safety Solutions.