Lab Coat Laundry
Lab coat laundry is provided to all UCSF Campus Researchers at no additional cost. EH&S supports the cleanliness and safety of lab members while conducting world class research!

First Time Lab Coat Wash Instructions

Pick-up & Laundering Schedule

Turn around time for coats being laundered is about 2 weeks from pick up day.

  • Parnassus pick up: Every Monday by 12 pm
  • Mt. Zion pick up: Every Monday after 12 pm
  • Mission Bay pick up: Every Tuesday after 12 pm
  • ZSFG pick up: Every Wednesday after 12 pm

Second Time Lab Coat Wash Instructions

  • If you are re-submitting your coat for laundering and your coat has a barcode attached with your name, simply just drop your coat off at a drop off location.

Unwanted Lab Coats for Donation

Print barcode form 

Pick up mesh bag from:

  • Mission Bay: Genentech Hall N121 (8 am - 12 pm)
  • Parnassus: Long 235G, Loading Dock (8 am - 12 pm)
  • Drop off coat at drop box location

Lab Coat Contamination

Important: If your lab coat is potentially contaminated with hazardous materials (biological, chemical, radioactive), DO NOT send it in for laundering. Refer to the following chart for decontamination procedures.

Types of Contamination




Small Amounts

Radioisotopes with half-life <90 days
(e.g. 32P, 35S, 125I)
Store shielded for ten half-lives and when
detectable counts less than three times
background then it can be sent for laundering.

Small Quantities:
Spray with 10% bleach,
rinse after 20 minutes, dry,
then send for laundering
Dispose of as "solid waste 
contaminated with..."
Large Amounts Radioisotopes with half-life >90 days:
Dispose of as radioactive waste

Large Quantities:
Dispose of as biohazardous