Expanding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Digital Accessibility Allies — GAAD 2021

Digital Accessibility is a critical part of UCSF's diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. We need to design our electronic communications, so they are easily accessed, used, and understood by people with and without disabilities. While one in four adults in the US have disabilities, creating accessible digital communications benefits everyone. This includes people with temporary, situational, or invisible disabilities, for example, a colleague who is hard of hearing, color blind, or has difficulty concentrating in a noisy environment.

In celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) 2021, please join us in a multidisciplinary panel event where we share information and strategies about how to make your communications accessible and more usable for all.

Expanding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Digital Accessibility Allies

May 20, 2021, 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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Accessible pdf Flyer and Agenda: GAAD Digital Accessibility Allies Panel 2021

Moderated by:

  • Michael Jones, UCSF Learning & Organizational Development

Panelists include:

  • Erik Wieland, UCSF IT Content Management & Communications
  • Kristin Amlie, UCSF Ergonomics & Human Factors Program
  • Len Burns, Accessibility Consultant
  • Margaret Wallhagen, UCSF Department of Physiological Nursing
  • Jill Wolters, UCSF IT Web Services

With Opening and Closing Remarks by:

  • Dr. Renee Navarro, Vice-Chancellor, Office of Diversisty and Outreach
  • Jeff Chiu, Vice President/Assistant Vice Chancellor, Talent Management and Operations

Event Co-Sponsors:

  • UCSF 4CI Staff Subcommittee
  • UCSF Campus Life Services, Wellness & Community
  • UCSF Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services
  • UCSF Ergonomics & Human Factors Program
  • UCSF Office of Communications

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Access and accommodation requests: This event is open to UCSF staff, faculty, and students. Live captioning and American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters will be provided. Contact [email protected] for other accommodation requests. A recording of the event is published on this website after the event.