Construction, Design & Equipment Guidelines

Construction Design & Renovation Projects

It is never too early to involve the ergonomist in your new plan and projects. UCSF Ergonomics & Human Factors assists project management to ensure that UCSF work environments are created to support environmental stewardship, employee safety, health, productivity and efficient movement–often within limited and shared spaces. Contact the senior ergonomist for design consultations, ergonomics design requirements, and any related questions at [email protected].

Computer Workstations

See the links below for the task chair and work surface guidelines for UCSF. These are based on the UC-wide task chair and work surface guidelines and are applicable for all computer workstations at UCSF.


These guidelines should be used for the following:

  • New employee workstations
  • Updates and retrofits to existing employee workstations
  • Department moves and redesigns
  • New design projects
  • New furniture and chair purchases

Equipment Guidelines

Contact [email protected] with questions