Consolidated Biosafety Training


Consolidated Biosafety Training Announcement

(Replaces announcement dated 11-1-11)

EH&S announces a new Biosafety training which will consolidate and replace 3 previous trainings (“Biosafety Level 2”, “Animal Biosafety Level 1” and “Animal Biosafety Level 2”). The training will also add a new module that covers important requirements mandated by the NIH Guidelines governing recombinant DNA (rDNA) research. All users listed on an active BUA are required to take this training as follows:

1) New users must take this training prior to beginning work in a lab.

2) Current users working in BSL1 labs must take this training upon receipt of this update.

Why are researchers working with BSL-1 rDNA and toxin laboratories also now required to complete the newly consolidated “Biosafety” training? This is an NIH requirement that the UCSF Institutional Biosafety Committee and NIH are now enforcing.

3) Current users working in BSL2 labs will need to take this new training when their current BSL2 training expires (after 3 years from the initial BSL2 training date).

The new Biosafety training has been posted at the UC Learning Center . Please contact your EH&S Safety Specialist or the Biosafety Officer (514-2824) if you have any questions or concerns, or if you believe this training is not applicable to your research.