Class 9 Dry Ice for Shipment


Updated Class 9 Dry Ice Label for Frozen Shipments

According to US DOT, IATA and ICAO requirements as of October 1, 2014, all current Class 9 Dry Ice labels will be discontinued and will not be accepted on shipments with dry ice.

Photos below show a comparison between the “current” Dry Ice label and the “new” Dry Ice label.

The horizontal line running below the vertical black bars (see arrow on photo below) has been removed on the new label.

Current Label – Expires Oct. 1 2014

New Label Effective Oct. 1 2014


NOTE: Any frozen shipping boxes that you have received prior to October 1, 2014 must have the new dry ice label. You may affix the new label directly on top of the old label, but it must not obscure any other labels on the shipping container. Please discard all older versions of the Dry Ice label.

All US carriers are required by law to reject any frozen shipments containing boxes that do not have the new Class 9 Dry Ice label affixed as of the October 1st date.

For questions or to request assistance, please contact the UCSF Biosafety Officer at 514-2824 or

Posted: 9/2014