Campus Medical Surveillance

Animal Exposure Surveillance Program

UCSF has an Occupational Health and Safety Program intended to provide guidelines for establishing a high level of safety for all individuals who are involved in the care and use of research animals.  The Animal Exposure Surveillance Program (AESP) is one part of this program and serves to provide risk assessment and risk reduction strategies for all individuals with exposure to research animals at UCSF. Click here for more information.

Policies on Medical Surveillance and Training

Campus Groups

Labs Working with Specific Agents

UCSF Policy for Immune Comprimised Workers/Trainees in the Research Laboratory Setting

The UCSF Policy for Immune Compromised Workers/Trainees in the Research Laboratory Setting indicates that all immunocompromised workers and trainees who work in research laboratories or handle animals receive education and training regarding infectious agents present specific to their work area and job duties. As part of this training, information will be given regarding causes and risk factors for immune compromise. This information will be provided before starting work and on an annual basis thereafter.

Specific educational information related to Immune Compromised Workers/Trainees is availble. 

UCSF Policy on Reproductive Health for Workers/Trainees in the Reserach Laboratory Setting

The UCSF Policy on Reproductive Health for Workers/Trainees in the Research Laboratory Setting mandates education and training regarding work place hazards and reproductive health for laboratory workers and trainees.

Specific educational information related to reproductive health is available.