Campus Managers, Principal Investigators, Researchers and Other Campus Staff

Campus Managers, Principal Investigators, Researchers and Other Campus Staff

The nation is still recovering from a critical shortage of respirators. Departments with employees using respirators as part of personal protective equipment should consider limiting their use to those activities that require respiratory protection. In accordance with state and federal regulations, UCSF EH&S is currently providing limited respirator certification services during this time. Certification means you are medically approved by UCSF Occupational Health Services (OHS) and have completed air-purifying respirator training and fit testing by EH&S.

Initial respirator use requests must be reviewed and approved by EH&S before an employee can use a respirator as personal protective equipment. To request a respirator use evaluation for work, submit your request to EH&S using this Respiratory Hazard Evaluation form.

Follow these steps to request a respirator:

1. Submit a Respiratory Hazard Evaluation Form to EH&S

If EH&S has not conducted an initial evaluation, please complete a Respiratory Hazard Evaluation Form and submit to [email protected]. An EH&S specialist will use the Hazard Evaluation information to determine if respiratory protection is necessary for your work (A respirator may be used on a voluntary basis if an assessment determines that respiratory protection is not required).

If you intend to use respiratory protection in the workplace, you will need to apply for medical approval (see step 2). You will also be assigned a type and model of respirator deemed appropriate for your setting.

2. Apply for a Medical Clearance

Please download and complete a medical clearance form and email it to [email protected]. Be sure to add the word "Secure:" in the email subject line. Contact OHS at 415.885.7580 after 24-48 hours of submission to confirm that you are cleared for a fit-test. You need to file your clearance form only once, unless you have changes to report!

If you are denied medical clearance to wear a respirator, the EH&S specialist will consult with you on other means of respiratory protection.

If you are medically approved, please schedule fit testing and training (see step 3).

3. Get fit tested and trained to wear a respirator

Make sure to verify the brand and model of respirator that your department has access to. Upon your arrival at the testing location, tell the fit tester which respirator type and model you need to fit test for.

    Before you schedule an appointment, all N95 users must complete this brief Cal/OSHA required training.

    Book a fit test and training appointment HERE 

            Appointments become available 2 weeks prior to their date and time.

4. Renew your respirator fit test every year

 Before you schedule an appointment, all N95 users must complete this brief Cal/OSHA required training.

 Annual fit testing and training is required.

          Book a fit test and training appointment HERE

Ordering respirators

As outside vendors report available supplies of N95 respirators, EH&S encourages the campus community to procure these supplies through authorized vendors via BearBuy.

Alternatively, Cal/OSHA is maintaining a list of vendors who report having NIOSH-certified disposable N95 respirators in stock and available for delivery. (Note that some vendors may not be registered on BearBuy)
It is advisable to always check delivery lead times with vendors.