Work Related Risk Factors

Risk factors are inherent in every job or activity. Activities involving ergonomic risk factors can contribute to increased discomfort or injury. Note that combining risk factors will exponentially increas your risk of injury. Prolonged exposure to these risk factors also increases your risk of discomfort or injury.

             Ergo Typing       Ergo Filing

Repetitive Motion:

Repeatedly using the same muscles to do the same movement for a prolonged period of time.

  • Typing                     
  • Mousing
  • Filing
  • Pipetting
  • Twisting caps
  • Turning dials   


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Static Posture:

A position which is maintained for a prolonged period of time without moving. It requires constant muscular contraction/tension to keep the body in that position. This can lead to fatigue or strain.

  • Low back stress from sitting or standing for long period
  • Muscular tension from holding a position or an instrument steadily for a prolonged period of time
  • Extended period of near-range visual work such as microscopy or computer work can lead to eyestrain or fatigue


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Contact Pressure:

Pressing or planting a part of your body against a hard surface or sharp edge.

  • Planting wrist down when typing
  • Planting wrist down and pivoting at the wrist to mouse
  • Leaning on work surface edge or hard surfaces with elbows, forearms or wrists.
  • Thumb pressure with pipetting
  • Inadequate leg clearance under work benches creating pressure on the knees.
  • Pressure in the back of the knees if the seat pan is too deep


risk forceful exertion

Forceful Exertion:

Performing activities or tasks with undue effort or strength often exerted on smaller localized muscle group.

  • Heavy typist
  • Holding the mouse forcefully
  • Pinch grip in micromanipulation work
  • Twisting or snapping off caps
  • Inserting/ejecting tips


Ergo Environ

Environmental Stressors:

Physical elements in the workplace which may contribute to your risk of injury:

  • Lighting
  • Ambient noise
  • Crowded or disorganized work space
  • Temperature
    • Cold or hot environment
    • Cold or hot tool manipulation



risk exposure

Duration/Task Exposure:

  • Long task time without stretching
  • Long task time


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Awkward Posture:

A position that requires an increased physical demand on the muscles and joints.

  • Elevated arms
  • Bent back
  • Back rotation
  • Bent neck
  • Raised shoulders
  • Extended reach
  • Elbows winged
  • Bent wrists