Reassignment of Existing Lab Coats - Tutorial

A Principal Investigator (PI), Laboratory Supervisor, or their delegate may want to reassign an existing and unassigned lab coat to a new lab member rather than purchasing a new lab coat at Bear buy. An existing lab coat shall only be reassigned if it fits the person appropriately. The steps below are to be followed to reassign a lab coat using the on-line Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT):

1. PI or delegate logs into LHAT (

2. Select the “View Roster” link. The next webpage will list the lab roster.

3. Click on “Add/remove roles or members” link.

4. Add the new lab member(s) and remove individuals as needed. The new lab member will receive an e-mail with information on how to access and review the on-line Laboratory Hazard Assessment, which includes the required PPE training. Click on Back when you are finished to save changes.

5. Select “PPE” tab.

6. Click on “Assign Protective Equipment” button

Note: If the PPE was assigned to someone that is still a member of the lab group, please remove the PPE from that individual under the “Actions” tab.

5. Select the new lab member from your drop down menu.

6. Select the equipment that you will be assigning.

7. Add the Garment ID for the lab coat. This is the barcode located in the collar.

8. Select the size, quantity and laundry (pick-up) location, as appropriate.

9. Save changes.