Radioactive Spill Procedure

Spill Opps

Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) recommends that the following procedures for dealing with spills be the same for controlled and uncontrolled areas.


Remember the acronym: SWIMS

S   - Stop and Think- Assess the situation

W  - Warn Others- Dial 9-911 request EH&S Emergency Response Team

 I   - Isolate the Area- Restrict access to the area

M  - Monitor yourself carefully - Look for signs of contamination

S   - Stay in the Area Until Help Arrives - Assist emergency personnel


Any contamination that occurs on personnel or property must be documented.

Copies of written documentation shall be forwarded to the RSO.

Survey Technique

1. Using your survey meter, take readings at 1 meter. Use end window of GM tube.

2. Categorize the level of the spill.

a. Definition of spill level(s) at one meter:




<5 mR/hr

5-10 mR/hr

>10 mR/hr