Radioactive Materials Receiving and Disposal

The UCSF Radioactive Materials License Requires a radioactive centralized material receiving and disposal program be implemented.

Radioactive Material Receiving

Call the UCSF Purchasing Department to initiate an order. You’ll need to provide the following information to the vendor:

  1. Principal investigator’s name.
  2. Name of the researcher responsible for the order.
  3. Principal investigator’s RUA number.
  4. Telephone number and building and room number of the laboratory.

Your order will be received by OEH&S at one of the Approved Radiation Safety Receiving Laboratories where it will be processed and then delivered directly to your laboratory.

(Note: In some rare cases, individual users may be authorized by EH&S to receive radioactive materials directly but restrictions do apply so make sure you check with your OEH&S advisor before attempting to receive a direct delivery).

Radioactive Waste Disposal

OEH&S will collect your radioactive waste from your laboratory. The waste must be properly packaged, documented, and separated into one of several categories. Disposal costs are based upon the category and quantity of waste. See the Recharge Rates page for waste categories and costs. Call 476-1771 or your local EH&S office to schedule a waste pickup.