Radiation Instrument Calibration


If you own or operate portable radiation detection/measurement instruments, annual calibration is required to maintain accuracy.  EH&S offers a licensed radiation instrument calibration service to the UCSF community. EH&S will calibrate your instrument, perform minor repairs and replace parts, and issue a calibration certificate which is kept on file at EH&S for a minimum of three years.  Please refer to the Recharge Rates page for calibration rates and parts costs.  Call 476-1771 to arrange a calibration.

If your instrument requires major repair, please contact one of the vendors listed below:

Ludlum Measurements, Inc.

Attn: Repair and Calibration

501 Oak Street, Sweetwater, Texas 79556 U.S.A.

Voice: (325) 235-5494

Fax: (325) 235 -4672

Email: repair@ludlums.com


Research Products International Corp.

Attn: Repair and Calibration

410 E Business Center Drive, Mount Prospect, IL 60056 U.S.A.

Voice: 1-800-323-9814