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The UCSF Ergonomics & Human Factors Program advises UCSF on equipment and furniture that meet ergonomics and safety requirements. Standards are created to support the selection that furniture and equipment meet 90 percent of employee needs (between 5’0-6’1”). Equipment that meet these criteria are made available to all UCSF employees through vendors who provide discounts and specially-negotiated services and warranties to UCSF.

Departments are responsible for funding standard equipment.

If you need to repair or replace broken or old equipment, departments should contact the vendor where the item was purchased. Check the equipment to see if there is an item tag with order information. For seating, this tag is often underneath the seat pan and will include the model number, vendor/manufacturer name, and order date. This information will help the vendor determine warranty status. Departments are responsible for funding repairs, maintenance for existing chairs and for funding upgrades or replacements. UCSF’s primary furniture provider is Steelcase/One Workplace and has access to furniture that meets UCSF safety and ergonomics requirements. Ask One Workplace about the UCSF Equipment Replacement Program and equipment demo program.

One Workplace Contact Information

Melissa Kubit

OWP Account Manager

(510) 729-7847

Matt Cooley

OWP Customer Support

(510) 729-7841


UC Call Center- (877) 722-9090

The UCSF Ergonomics & Human Factors Program also develops product lists for specialty equipment, frequently-ordered equipment, and equipment designed to meet the remaining 10 percent of employee needs.

The equipment on the UCSF EH&S Ergonomics Office Product Catalog & User Guide has been evaluated by the UCSF Ergonomics Program and has been identified as most likely to optimize ergonomics for the majority of UCSF faculty and staff.

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Items on the list that are marked with “QuickFix" are the most commonly ordered products.

 How to Order Equipment


If you have questions, please contact the UCSF Ergonomics & Human Factors Program at