PPE Laundry

EH&S has partnered with Aramark to provide free lab coat laundry service for all campus research staff at no cost to the lab. This service is provided to all campus research laboratories.

Important: If your lab coat is potentially contaminated with hazardous materials (biological, chemical, radioactive), DO NOT send it in for laundering. Refer to the following chart for decontamination procedures.

Types of Contamination



Small Amounts

Radioisotopes with half-life <90 days
(e.g. 32P, 35S, 125I)
Store shielded for ten half-lives and when
detectable counts less than three times
background then it can be sent for laundering.

Small Quantities:
Spray with 10% bleach,
rinse after 20 minutes, dry,
then send for laundering
Dispose of as "solid waste 
contaminated with..."
Large Amounts Radioisotopes with half-life >90 days:
Dispose of as radioactive waste

Large Quantities:
Dispose of as biohazardous



How to get coat laundered:

  1. Request a laundry envelope from EH&S by contacting ppe@ucsf.edu or your EH&S Department Safety Advisor
  2. Electronically fill in the required information on the Aramark barcode label form and print one out for each coat. For UCSF distributed coats, please have the owner of the lab coat(s) listed on the barcode form if they are still employed at your lab. (Link to barcode form)
    a. Lab Members Name
    b. PI Name
    c. Building
    d. Room Number

    We will not process your lab coat for laundry if any of the above information is missing.
  3. Place the completed barcode form inside the envelope. (An envelope without a form will make the coat unidentifiable.)
    Note: DO NOT TAPE form to outside of envelope
  4. Empty the pockets, fold, and place your dry lab coat in the envelope
    a. Only use one envelope per lab coat.
    b. Any items found in the pockets will be disposed of.
  5. Drop off the sealed envelope in the PPE laundry drop box at the described location.
  6. Questions: Review our FAQ


Drop Off Locations:



  1. 505 Parnassus AvenueLong Hospital-EH&S Radioactive Materials Receiving Laboratory, Room L235G
    Enter through the loading dock and head up the ramp. Turn left and then right into L235. At the end of the hallway turn left and L235G will be on your right. Hit the buzzer to be let in.
  2. Health Sciences Building East 
    10th floor - adjacent to corridor

Hours of Operations: Monday through Friday from 8-12pm

Mt Zion

  1. Room N-152

Mission Bay

  1. Byers Hall/QB3 - 4th floor lobby next to room BH 415
  2. Rock Hall - 1st floor- adjacent to security office (RH 103A)
  3. Smith Cardiovascular - 1st floor across from glasswash, Room 191
  4. Helen Diller Cancer Center - 1st floor next to service elevator

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital

  1. Building 12nd floor, next to room 255
  2. Building 30- 2nd floor, across from elevator
  3. Building 1001st floor, across from room 112B, Nort East stairway lobby

Parnassus: L235G
Parnassus: Health Sciences East- 10th Floor
Mt. Zion: Room N-152
Mission Bay: Byers Hall/QB3-4th Floor
Mission Bay: Rock Hall- 1st Floor
Mission Bay: Smith Cardiovascular Research Building- 1st Floor
Mission Bay: Helen Diller- 1st Floor
ZSFG- Building 1- 2nd Floor
ZSFG- Building 30- 2nd Floor
ZSFG- Building 100- 1st Floor