Laboratory Clearance - Radiological

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All laboratories (chemical, biological, and radiological) must undergo a LABORATORY CLEARANCE prior to being retired, remodeled, renovated, cleaned, or relocated*.

When performing a LABORATORY CLEARANCE involving radioactive materials (RAM), the following procedures must be followed. For additional information, refer to the UCSF Radiation Safety Manual (RSM):

  1. EQUIPMENT: Survey equipment and perform wipe testing on interior and exterior surfaces. Survey results must show <3X above background.   If results are >3X background, perform additional decontamination and recount.  If equipment cannot be decontaminated, contact OEH&S. File wipe test results in Radioisotope Usage Authorization (RUA) logbook. Remove radioactive tape, labels, signs, etc. PRIOR to transport/disposal.
  2. RAM: Prepare isotope source vials, waste, scintillation vials, etc. for disposal as outlined in RSM, Ch. 5, Sec. F. For isotope transfer to another lab, see RSM, Ch. 5, Section A3.
  3. USAGE AREAS: Use survey meter to monitor use areas. Perform wipe tests on use and non-use areas. Survey results must show <3X above background. Perform additional decontamination procedures if necessary. File results in RUA logbook.  Refer to RSM, Appendix G for additional details
  4. SEALED SOURCES: Contact vendor for movement of equipment containing sealed source(s). If equipment will be disposed of, vendor must remove sealed source(s) and dispose as radioactive waste PRIOR to unit disposal.

LABORATORY CLEARANCES may be accomplished via 3 possible mechanisms

  1. Laboratory personnel may perform the above procedures.
  2. Laboratory may request service from EH&S. A cost estimate will be provided and the service will be recharged.
  3. Laboratory may contract with an EH&S approved vendor.

EH&S must confirm clearance is complete in all cases prior to retiring or modification of RUA.

*Refer to the EH&S Move Guide for complete information regarding major relocations to another building.