Laboratory Clearance - Chemical

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All laboratories (chemical, biological, and radiological) must undergo a LABORATORY CLEARANCE prior to being retired, remodeled, renovated, cleaned, or relocated*.

When performing a LABORATORY CLEARANCE involving chemicals, the following procedures must be followed. For additional information, refer to the UCSF Chemical Hygiene Plan:

  1. Waste: Print waste tags from the WASTe program. Attach tags to containers (waste, unused, unopened, etc.). EH&S personnel will pick up tagged containers.  NOTE: Chemical waste pickup as part of laboratory clearance is not budgeted therefore service will be recharged.
  2. Equipment: Decontaminate equipment for movement or disposal. Drain equipment of solutions and clean surfaces with soap and water. Plug outlets to prevent residual leakage.
  3. Use areas: Decontaminate lab benches, surfaces, shelves, etc. Use soap and water.
  4. Fume hoods: Decontaminate accessible chemical fume hood surfaces with soap and water. EH&S technician will perform clearance of hood. If clean, hood will be posted verifying that it has been appropriately cleaned and is ready for next user(s). Once posted, fume hood cannot be used. Only EH&S personnel can remove posting.

LABORATORY CLEARANCES may be accomplished via 3 possible mechanisms:

  1. Laboratory personnel may perform the above procedures.  
  2. Laboratory may request complete service from EH&S involving all of the above steps. A cost estimate will be provided and the service will be recharged.
  3. Laboratory may contract with an EH&S approved vendor.

OEH&S must confirm clearance is complete in all cases.

*Refer to the EH&S Move Guide for complete information regarding major relocations to another building.