Keying Posture and Technique


Ergo WristAlignment      ergo WristRest

  • Maintain a straight wrist (from side and top view) when typing.

Ergo HandOnMouseBent    HandOnMouse

  • Avoid planting and pivoting at the wrists.

Ergo KeyboardHeightArm   Ergo KeyboardHeightDistance

  • Set keyboard at the appropriate height,  creating a 90 degree angle.


Ergo WristsInLap   Ergo WristsResting

Recommended Resting Positions

When working at the computer, a significant amount of time is spent with your hands inactive. Get into the habit of resting your hands and upper extremities in a recommended resting posture for moments when your hands are not typing.

  • Wrists neutral with fingers straight and resting on the keys
  • Palms facing each other, fingers relaxed , wrists resting sideways on the desk, wristrest or keyboard tray
  • Wrists resting sideways on the lap with palms facing each other and fingers relaxed