Internal Use Authorization Permits


Certain materials dictate that the User submit an application for use and receive authorization for use from the appropriate committee. These materials include all use of radioisotopes and other radiation sources, substances controlled by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), certain biological materials deemed hazardous by NIH or CDC, and chemical materials listed by the State of California as carcinogens.

Before beginning any major research project, it is a good idea to review the protocols with your EHS Specialist to determine if authorizations are required. If an authorization is required, details of the process for each category can be found in the appropriate safety manuals, available on the Home Page for this Website.

Applications are provided under Forms. New investigators should also complete and submit a Principal Investigator form. Hard copies can be obtained from your Environment, Health and Safety Specialist or by calling 476-1300.

Go to:

Radioactive Materials Use Authorization; Radiation Safety Manual

Biological Materials Use Authorization; Biosafety Manual

Import/Export of Pathogens Authorization

Use of Select Agents Authorization

Controlled Substances Use Authorization; Controlled Substances Safety Manual

Registered Carcinogens Use Authorization; Chemical Safety Manual