Injury and Illness Prevention Program

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Injury Illness Prevention Program Manual


The State of California requires that "every employer shall establish, implement and maintain an effective Injury Prevention Program".

This program must include the following elements:

  • the identity of the person or persons with authority and responsibility for implementing the program
  • a system for ensuring that employees comply with safe and healthy work practices
  • a system for communicating with employees on matters of occupational health and safety
  • encouragement for employees to inform their employer of hazards at the worksite, without fear of reprisal
  • periodic inspections of the worksites to identify and evaluate hazards and unsafe conditions
  • provide training and instructions to all new employees and whenever a new hazard is recognized or introduced into the work environment
  • maintain records of IIPP activities, including training, inspections.

Additionally, if the employer chooses to meet the communications requirements of the regulation by use of a safety committee, the committee must do the following:

  • meet regularly (at least quarterly)
  • make available to employees written records of meetings and the safety and health issues discussed
  • review results of the periodic scheduled worksite inspections
  • review investigations of occupational accidents and causes of incidents, and where appropriate, make recommendations to management for prevention of further incidents
  • review investigations of alleged hazardous conditions brought to the attention of any committee member
  • make recommendations on employee safety suggestions.

At UCSF, meeting these regulatory requirements is a responsibility shared by the University Administration and Management, each and every employee, and the Office of Environment Health & Safety.

The Chancellor has overall responsibility and authority for the IIPP program; he has delegated implementation of the program to the Director of the Office of Environment Health & Safety.

The system for ensuring that employees comply with safe and healthy workplaces is addressed in part through the periodic inspections of all work areas performed by a representative of EH&S. It is also the responsibility of every supervisor to be alert to hazardous conditions and practices and ensure their employees are trained in understanding the hazards and working safely.

Communications with employees on matters of health and safety is again, primarily, the responsibility of the supervisor. EH&S also provides general information to employees by means of the Safety Manuals, Newsletters, and Safety Updates. EH&S can also assist supervisors in preparing Standard Operating Procedures which address task-specific hazards.

A number of mechanisms exist for an employee to report worksite hazards without fear of reprisal. The written UCSF IIPP includes an "Employee Safety Suggestion/Hazard Report". This form can be completed and mailed to EH&S, who will investigate and follow up on the report. Hazards can also be reported to EH&S by calling our office at 476-1300 or contacting your Environment, Health and Safety Specialist. Your anonymity will be respected. Hazards can also be reported directly to your supervisor, department safety committee or department head who must investigate and follow up on the hazard.

EH&S performs worksite inspections on a regularly scheduled basis and when an employee concern is received, and following every accident. Each supervisor is responsible for notifying EH&S if an accident occurs. Should any employee feel that a specific worksite has been overlooked, OEH&S can be notified at 476-1300. The Environment, Health and Safety Specialist will promptly follow up on the request.

Recordkeeping as required by the IIPP must be a team effort shared by each department, each supervisor, and the Office of Environment Health & Safety. EH&S maintains records of functions they perform: worksite inspections, accident investigations, training classes. Each supervisor must maintain records (employee name, date, and topic) of all training provided by the department or supervisor. Department Safety Committees who perform worksite inspections should also keep records of those inspections.

UCSF, under the written UCSF IIPP, has established Campus and Medical Center Health and Safety Policy Committees. These committees address policies and procedures for safe operations and facilities. Cal/OSHA also requires having regular safety meetings. EH&S participates in monthly safety meetings with Disabilities Management Services and Safety Committees to review occupational accidents and incidents related to injury and illness reports. EH&S also investigates hazardous conditions that are reported by any employee. Further information on IIPP departmental responsibilities can be obtained by contacting your Environment, Health and Safety Specialist or the EH&S Office.