How to use a Dosimetry Badge

Radiation Dosimetry

If you are a user of radioactive material at UCSF, you may be required to wear a personal monitoring device or "dosimeter". Dosimeters are devices that record the amount of your exposure to radiation. EH&S administers the dosimetry program so check with your EH&S advisor to determine if you should be using dosimetry.

Two types of dosimeters are commonly used at UCSF; Dosimetry Badges Finger Rings. To obtain a dosimetry badge or a finger ring, call EH&S at 476-1300.

Dosimetry Badges and Finger Rings

The Dosimetry Badge Diagram illustrates the proper way to load a dosimetry badge into the clip-on holder. Wear your dosimetry badge so that the exposure to the source of radiation is optimized. For example, clip it to your collar, shirt pocket, or along the front of your torso. Take good care of your badge - don’t expose it to heat or moisture or leave it in an unsecured place. Return it promptly when required to avoid delays in processing

The finger ring is offered in 3 different sizes as shown in the Finger Ring Diagram. Wear the ring on your index finger on the hand that is favored. with the engraved white cover turned to face the radiation source. Treat your ring with care - do not expose it to heat or moisture. When you are not wearing it, store your ring in a safe, secure place.