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A companion to Matt Springer's talk, Home Preparedness in Earthquake Country

This website offers additional information about preparations to take around the home to substantially reduce the chances of suffering injury or damage in an earthquake. 

Presentation schedule:  Check here for an up-to-date schedule of my planned presentations at UC San Francisco and branches of the SF Public Library.

Hi folks, just wanted to let you know that the UCTV broadcast of my earthquake preparedness talk has been shown on local cable channels, and is available for online streaming video on demand at UCTV.tv and also YouTube. Click on the hyperlinks below to see the streaming video:



And remember, there are many other useful resources on my earthquake preparedness website:

Earthquake Preparedness Website

Matt's preparedness categories

Crucial:  Bed placement, emergency supplies

Strongly recommended:  “Maze” picture hooks, brace tall bookcases, secure stereos/computers, shelf lips

Recommended:  Quake-resistant cabinet latches, earthquake insurance

Nice if possible:  Secure in general, stick down loose objects