Holiday Decoration Guidelines

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UCSF EH&S Office of the Fire Marshal Rev. 2016

In the interest of public safety at UCSF the following regulations have been issued for the
holiday season. Regulations apply to all areas; compliance with these regulations is expected.

Dates for Decorations: All decorations must be dismantled and removed as soon as
possible after the New Year Holiday, unless requested to do so earlier.


  • Cut and/or live trees and flammable decorations are not permitted.
  • Only materials labeled noncombustible, flame-resistant, or flame-retardant may be used.
  • Only artificial trees labeled as flame-resistant, flame-retardant, or similarly may be used
  • Decorations cannot exceed 20% of the wall area where they are being used.
  • Decoration installations shall not block the path of water spray from sprinklers.
  • Candles, fondue pots, oil lamps, incense, or other open-flame producing apparatus are NOT allowed.

Electrical Safety:

  • High-heat producing lights are NOT allowed. Small twinkle lights having an Underwriters Laboratory label are acceptable.
  • Electric lights must NOT be used to decorate metal trees.
  • Electric light cords must NOT be hidden under combustible material such as rugs, drapes, etc.
  • Turn lights off whenever the area is unattended and at the end of every work day.
  • All extension cords must be grounded. Lightweight extension cords or multiple adapters are NOT allowed.
  • No daisy-chained power strips, i.e. do not plug a power strip into another power strip.

General Guidelines:

  • All decorative displays in public areas must be inspected and approved in writing by the Campus Fire Marshal
  • All Holiday decorations must NOT be tied or placed so as to obstruct the exit ways or to impair the operation of any fire sprinkler, fire alarm device, and/or fire extinguisher.
  • Good housekeeping practices must be maintained. Accumulated gift paper, ribbon, boxes, etc. must be cleaned up before they become fire hazards.

In the event of a fire: Remember R.A.C.E & P.A.S.S.

Rescue anyone who is in immediate danger.
Alarm: Pull the nearest alarm or CALL 9-911
Confine: Close all doors to reduce smoke and flame spread.
Extinguish or Evacuate

Pull the pin.
Aim the nozzle.
Squeeze the trigger.
Sweep the extinguisher at the base of the fire.

For Questions-Please contact EH&S at 476-1300 or the Fire Marshal at

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Tim Brey


Office of Environment, Health and Safety

Reference: CCR Title 19 (State Fire Marshals Regulations)

San Francisco Fire Code