Fund Rebate Programs

UCSF Be Smart About Safety Ergonomic Equipment Fund Rebate Program was developed to encourage departments and laboratories to engage in a more proactive role in preventing ergonomic injuries within their areas.  This program provides financial assistance to improve employees’ workstations and tools to reduce risk of injury.

Each program has its own specific application form and requirements. Make sure to use the appropriate application form for the specific fund rebate program you are applying for. Submit ALL required documentation. Incomplete applications will be denied.

Mission Hall and new buildings (2014 and after): Mission Hall has a standard recommended sit-stand desk that fits in workstations at this location. Per the reimbursement program terms and conditions, new buildings including Mission Hall, are not eligible for the reimbursement program. Refer to the Mission Hall building user guide for more information on the desk option for this building.

Office Ergonomics Equipment Fund Rebate Program

This program focuses on ergonomic modifications of individual employee computer workstations. Fund rebate up to $500 per qualified employees is available for ergonomic equipment or accessories recommended by the Office Ergonomics eCourse.

For more information about the Office Ergonomic Equipment Fund Rebate Program, download the Terms & Conditions and the Application Form.

When applying for this rebate program, employees will need to print and submit their Campus Office Ergonomics eCourse and Self-Evaluation

Pipettes Fund Rebate Program

A good way to reduce pipetting injuries is often to change the pipette being used.  There are still too many non-ergonomic pipettes requiring excessive forces to manipulate. Pipettes approved by the UCSF Ergonomics Program have been selected because they have improved ergonomics features and require less force than traditional pipettes.

Trade-in your non-ergonomic pipette for an ergonomic unit and receive 100% rebate up to $300 or buy a new ergonomic pipette (without a trade-in) and receive 50% rebate up to $300.

Only pipette purchases are eligible for the program.  Accessories and supplies are not eligible for rebate.

For details about the program, download the Terms & Conditions and the Application Form.