First Aid Supplies in the Workplace

The Cal-OSHA standard for General Industry CCR Title 8 Section 3400 Medical Services and First Aid requires employers to provide first aid supplies in the workplace. It also requires that a physician approve such supplies.

Below is a list of first aid supplies approved for laboratory work sites. Amounts of each supply may vary depending on the number of personnel and the frequency and type of injuries that may be incurred. Such first aid kits are approved provided that they do not contain any items not on this list.

Purchased commercially prepared first aid kits/cabinets should indicate compliance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z308-1-2003 Minimum Requirements for Workplace First Aid Kits - 2003 Standard.

Please note that first aid supplies should be easily accessible, maintained in sanitary and usable condition, and monitored regularly for replenishment. A list of all expiration dates for supplies and medications should be posted on the outside of the kit, and should be monitored and replaced on a monthly basis as needed.

For questions, please contact Dr. Stephen Born, Associate Clinical Professor - Occupational Medicine, at 415-206-5769.

Approved/Recommended Contents of First Aid for UCSF Campus Work Sites:

  1. Adhesive dressings in various sizes (including butterfly bandages, fingertip bandages, fabric knuckle bandages, elastic strip bandages, small strip bandages, 40-inch triangular bandage, and large patch bandages)
  2. Adhesive tape rolls (or other material), 1 inch wide
  3. Sterile eye pad
  4. 1-inch gauze bandage roll
  5. 2-inch gauze bandage roll
  6. 4-inch gauze bandage roll
  7. Sterile gauze pads, 2x2 inch
  8. Sterile gauze pads, 2x2 inch
  9. Sterile gauze pads, 4x4 inch
  10. Sterile surgical pad suitable for pressure dressing 5x9 inch
  11. Sterile non-adherent burn dressing
  12. 3-inch elastic roller gauze
  13. Antiseptic cleansing wipes (non-sting)
  14. Triangular bandage 40x40x5
  15. Disposable instant ice pack
  16. Safety pins
  17. Tweezer (plastic)
  18. Scissor
  19. CPR single use pocket mask
  20. 2 pair of Nitrile or other non-Latex gloves
  21. Bloodborne pathogen (BBP) spill kit
  22. Disposable thermal space blanket
  23. American Red Cross First Aid Guide or equivalent
  24. Antiseptic swabs
  25. Antiseptic spray
  26. 2” tape
  27. 1” elastic tape
  28. 3” cotton tip applicator
  29. Sterile eye wash
  30. Eye and skin buffered flushing solution
  31. Eye drops
  32. Urgent Quick Relief Industrial Formula
  33. Industrial Quick Relief with applicator
  34. Burn relief spray
  35. Hydrocortisone cream
  36. First aid cream
  37. Dermafleur packets (handlotion
  38. Splinter-outs

Over-the-counter medications/solutions/topicals only if in single dose, tamper-evident packaging with expiration date:

  1. Acetaminophen (non-aspirin pain reliever) standard strengt
  2. Eyewash
  3. Antibiotic ointment packs
  4. Burn gel

(Adapted from CCSF OSH)