Ergonomics Education & Support for UCSF Campus Employees


How do I implement recommendations and purchase recommended ergonomics equipment?

Prior to ordering ergonomics equipment, UCSF Campus employees should start by completing the Office Ergonomics eCourse & Self-Evaluation. Review the results of the Self-Evaluation Report with your supervisor and purchase recommended products using the Office Preferred Products List.

If you have unresolved issues or questions upon completing the eCourse, contact your EH&S Specialist (DSA). An ErgoFit Consult is available if a fitting for specialty equipment is indicated.

See Pathways for Ergonomics Assistance and Types of Ergonomics Assistance for more information.

What do I do if I have a work-related injury?

If you think you have sustained a work-related injury and need medical care.
  • Notify your supervisor
  • To schedule an appointment to be seen for medical treatment contact:
            Occupational Health Services (415.885.7580)
            St. Francis Clinic near Mission Bay (415.972.2249)
            Kaiser on the Job (415.674.7000).
  • Complete an employee incident report (
  • Review the Employee Incident Protocol (
  • Contact Disability Management Services with questions at 415.476.2621