Enhanced Reporting Procedures from Pharm-Chem,Bio-Chem and Bio-Physics


UCSF Procedures for an Injury or Illness Report from Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Biochemistry/ Biophysics Departments


Effective August 28, 2012

  1. The UC System-wide Settlement Agreement with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office requires a special injury and illness reporting mechanism for the departments of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Biochemistry and Biophysics.
  2. When someone is injured in your laboratory, you would normally follow Human Resources/Disability Management Procedures and submit a Supervisor’s Injury Report (SIR). You will still report this way as before.
  3. Until further notice, please also FAX all SIR to EH&S at 415-476-0581. Attention: Campus Manager
  4. If the injury is a result of a laboratory accident and EH&S emergency response team has responded, you may give a copy of the SIR to the emergency responder.
  5. If necessary, the emergency responder and UCPD will assist you in securing the scene of the accident. This is mandatory so that Cal/OSHA may be notified and began an investigation. The emergency responder will advise you if this is necessary and also when you may expect to resume normal lab operations if Cal/OSHA determines no investigation is necessary.
  6. Item number 5 is only required if the accident is an OSHA reportable accident, i.e., the injured employee is admitted to the hospital for more than emergency room treatment or 24 hour observation. EH&S management will determine when this step is applicable.
  7. EH&S will perform other necessary reporting tasks and keep you informed of any Cal/OSHA action.