Employee Independently Responsible for Cal-OSHA Violations


When is An Employee Independently Responsible for Cal-OSHA Violations?


Cal-OSHA nearly always considers an accident that results in an employee injury to be the fault of the employer; however, an employee will be determined to be responsible under the following conditions:

  1. The employee had experience performing the process/operation in question.
  2. The employer has a safety training program that addresses job specific safety requirements.
  3. The employer enforces its safety program, i.e. safety audits, identification of deficiencies and corrective actions.
  4. The employer has a policy of progressively disciplining employees who violate safety rules.
  5. The employee should have known he/she was acting contrary to the employer’s safety rules.

If an employee acts independently contrary to established safe work procedures and training which results in his/her own injury, the PI/manager, lab supervisor and UCSF may not be found liable for associated Cal-OSHA safety violations and monetary penalties.

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Posted: November 2013