Controlled Substance Program

Dept of Justice

The acquisition, use and disposal of Controlled Substances at UCSF is subject to strict Federal and State Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regulations as well as University of California directives. These regulations and directives set specific requirements and restrictions on registration, acquisition, usage, record keeping, transfer, storage and disposal. The purpose of this document is to establish the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) controlled substance procedures which meet Federal, State and University of California (UC) requirements. Specific references to regulations and University of California mandates are listed in Appendix A.

Individuals who manufacture, distribute, dispense, import, export, conduct research or perform chemical analysis with any Controlled Substances including Precursor Chemicals are subject to a DEA registration. The UCSF campus (locations in San Francisco City and County) is registered with the DEA for all research activities involving Schedule II through V Controlled Substances. Research involving Schedule I drugs as well as the other activities referenced above require an independent registration directly with the DEA (OEH&S must be immediately notified of all independent Controlled Substance registrations obtained by UCSF campus personnel).